From the bottom of myself

(El contenido de esta página se encontraba alojado en un tumblelog que tuve. Lo copio aquí para que quede atesorado para la posterioridad =) )

MAR 01

Bathroom posting

Bathroom is a fount of inspiration to me. This tumblelog borned while I was doing number two.

The goal is to post every single idea that comes out from my bathroom sessions, from within the bathroom (If possible. I won‘t post while getting a shower).

Please feel free to correct my English and to leave any comment to me.

Showing posting location in a graphic way

As I said, I won’t write every post from the bathroom. It would be nice to tag the post with the location where I am writing, or where the idea came out (toilet, bath, bus, anywhere) . Then, the Gelato theme could show a little icon next the post.


I can‘t get how to include images using Textile with the regular Gelato posts.

MAR 16

Titus The Fox
Does anyone remember the old DOS game “Titus the Fox”(1)? It would be really cool to make a clon of it. The main character could be Foxy, the Red Panda =). It would be a perfect excuse to learn how to make games with Python (Cocos(2), I‘m watching you!) (1) (2)

MAR 17

Versioned Database

Sometimes when developing an application, it‘s very annoying to keep all databases on sync. You have to replicate every change on every involved server. It would be really awesome to have the database GUI linked to SubVersion. When you make a change, the GUI could save the modification script on SVN. Then, all you have to do it‘s to automatically apply that script in every server, like making an “svn update”. The hard part will be reverting changes..

APR 27

Bluepad Project

Someone had make real a previous idea I had. So please check Bluepad Project, it’s just awesome! (If you own a touchscreen phone, it’s not gonna work for you. In my case, my cellphone has a stick too, so I can only map four keys)