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Algunos links que tengo guardados hace muuuuuuuuuuuuucho en los bookmarks:

Awesome By Proxy: Addicted to Fake Achievement
...there are two different ways people respond to challenges. Some people see them as opportunities to perform - to demonstrate their talent or intellect. Others see them as opportunities to master - to improve their skill or knowledge.
Gaming the System
...geeks are system thinkers. We see the world as a very complex but knowable flowchart where there are a finite number of inputs, which cause a similarly finite set of outputs. This impossible flowchart gives us a comfortable illusion of control and an understanding of a chaotic word, but its existence is a handy side effect of a life staring at, deducing, and building systems. It’s also why we love games — they’re just dolled up systems — and the more you understand this fascination with games, the better you’ll be at managing us.
Memoir: It's Not OCD, It's 'Personality Quirks'
He looked me straight in the eye. “You have OCD.” I was not concerned with the “diagnosis” of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I know I do not have it. I merely have “personality quirks.”

Algún día voy a grabar un single con un cover de Creep (de Radiohead) solo para usar esta imagen hecha por GR3G0R como arte de tapa. Me imagino toda la imagen impresa sobre el clásico cartón de los CDs nuevos, envolviendo al CD con el disquito.

Programadores, ¿productores o consumidores?
El gran sueño de muchos programadores es desarrollar un “producto” implementando una idea innovadora (o cubriendo un nicho insatisfecho) y vender una gran cantidad de copias, multiplicando las ganancias.Esta visión, lentamente, está cambiando. [...] si empezamos a vernos a nosotros mismos también como consumidores de software, el razonamiento cambia radicalmente.
Selling Out
The Misconception: Both consumerism and capitalism are sustained by corporations and advertising. The Truth: Both consumerism and capitalism are driven by competition among consumers for status. You sold out long ago in one way or another. The specifics of who you sell to and how much you make – those are only details.

O como decía Mafalda: "Sos un@ más del montón que no quiere ser un@ más del montón".

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